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January 2014 Surf Expo Presentation Archive

Top Trends to Shop Right Now at Surf Expo

Presented by Mike Barden and Chris “Cheeto” Batten of Surf City and Annex Surf Supply
Mike and Chris run a long-standing successful shop in Wrightsville Beach but have also opened up a notable surf boutique to answer to a new kind of customer. They walked attendees through the latest trends in surf, skate and boutique apparel and hardgoods.

Unconventional Merchandising: DIY Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Presented by Ali Levy, Visual Merchandising Consultant
Visual merchandising doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money, and it should be a priority for the specialty retailer. In order to compete with the big boys and with on-line competition, you need to create an all-encompassing sensory shopping experience that will convey your brand identity while seducing shoppers with sights, sounds and smells that will encourage them to linger and to convert browsers into buyers. Attendees learned how to be the talk of the neighborhood and create a real buzz with DIY tricks of the trade.

Unconventional Merchandising – Ali Levy.

Get More Cash Out Of Your Business – Retail is Detail

Presented by Dan Jablons, President, Retail Smart Guys
Want more cash? Of course you do. But how can you get more cash out of your business? In this presentation, Dan Jablons of Retail Smart Guys showed three things that everyone can adjust in their business to help ree up significant dollars and improve cash flow.

Retail is Detail -Dan Jablons.

Venue Sales: Taking Your Store Outdoors with Mobile POS and the Cloud

Presented by David Boyd, Senior Business Consultant, Celerant Technology
The holy grail of retailing is being in the right place at the right time—being ready to fulfill demand with a product offering the moment it presents itself. E-commerce has brought retailing online, but one thing it can’t provide is immediate gratification. Events and gatherings produce sharp spikes in demand, but monetizing them requires instant fulfillment. This presentation showed how mobile POS solutions enable utilization of venue sales: providing a product related to a specific event at the very time demand is at its peak without sacrificing inventory, CRM, and payment capabilities that are available in-store including a specific case study on sporting goods retailer Tennis Plaza.
Download the presentation. Day 2 presentations were given by cutting-edge, digital creative agency Purple Rock Scissors based out of Orlando.

Getting Your Community to Shop Local with Ten Easy Tips

Presented by Kristina Doyle, Alex King and Vinnie Gulisano
93% of all shopping begins on the internet. Even if they plan on buying something in-store, research begins at a customer’s fingertips. This seminar taught business owners how to be “found” online by optimizing presence in local search results. Whether a potential customer is home pecking away at their desktop computer or searching for a business nearby on their mobile device, be at the top of their list. It’s free, it’s powerfully effective, and it’s easier than you think.

Mobile Point of Sale – David Boyd
Download the presentation from SlideShare.

Socially Speaking: How Does Your Store Score?

Presented by Kristina Doyle, Erin Butler and Gabbie Papazov
So you have set up a Facebook profile, a Pinterest page and an Instagram account for your business. You or your employees post on it fairly regularly. But are you doing a good job of getting out the right kind of content to attract, connect with and retain a strong community? Review this presentation for a review of three retailers’ social presence that will yield you quick social media tips you can incorporate right now.

Download the presentation from SlideShare.

Trade Secrets: What are today’s successful retailers doing to survive, and how can I apply that to my business?

Not every retailer is suffering in this economy. There are many that are actually very profitable and have great cash flow. In this economy, now is the time to get a competitive edge and increase market share. Discover the industry secrets that these retailers know, and learn how to implement these changes into your business to find better cash flow, better profitability, and more fun at your stores!Download Dan Jablon of Retail Smart Guys’ presentation here.

Pinning for Profit: how to use Pinterest to promote your shop and improve sales


With 45 million users growing fast, there is no question that Pinterest is the next big thing in social media. Pinterest is proving to be a very effective social media site for retailers because the creators of Pinterest are not only OK with users selling their wares, they have actually built in a system to refer users directly to your shopping cart. Now is the time to get your business on board. Even if you don’t have an online shopping cart yet, Pinterest can be very effective for helping new customers find your store and old customers think of you first. Download Lydia Snider’s presentation from expo, and learn about how this new social media craze can increase your profits!

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