“3 Ways Merchants Can Use TikTok and Instagram to Increase Holiday Sales” by Liam Gerada via Total Retail

“3 Ways Merchants Can Use TikTok and Instagram to Increase Holiday Sales” by Liam Gerada via Total Retail

Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram are making strides with online shopping as new features become available. For example, TikTok Shop provides consumers easy access to purchase products directly through the application. As we head into the holiday season, 48 percent of Gen Zers are already planning to use social channels for end-of-year shopping. Today’s digital age gives merchants not only the opportunity to advertise on social media, but also leverage their new online storefronts to sell products directly to consumers.

Here are some tips on how brands can maximize their omnichannel strategy and overall experience to drive sales during the holidays:

1. Sell products through a powerful story.

Both TikTok and Instagram harness the power of visual computing, serving as prime platforms for immersive product demonstrations and dynamic storytelling. Employ captivating video and image content to create a rich, narrative-driven showcase of your products, elucidating their unique features and tangible benefits. On TikTok, tap into the platform’s algorithmic ability to craft condensed and high-impact videos to ingeniously align with prevailing trends and viral challenges to amplify your brand’s visibility.

On Instagram, strategically deploy content across both the feed and stories, utilizing the platform’s advanced imaging capabilities to deliver premium-quality visuals. This provides a comprehensive context, illustrating the transformative impact your products can have on enhancing the holiday experience from a user-centric perspective.

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2. Establish influencer partnerships.

Influencer marketing persists as a formidable strategy within the direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand amplification arsenal, leveraging human-driven ideas to enhance brand, product visibility and trustworthiness. Initiate collaborations with influencers who exhibit a demographic synergy with your target audience, optimizing for authentic product promotion. TikTok has become a prime hotspot to foster great influencer relationships. On the TikTok front, zero in on influencers renowned for their capacity to build viral content phenomena, underscored by great engagement metrics. Shift your focus on TikTok to influencers who command a devoted follower base and consistently deliver content of impeccable quality.

3. Optimize for mobile shoppers.

With a significant portion of TikTok and Instagram users accessing the platforms via mobile, ensuring a seamless mobile DTC shopping experience is crucial. On TikTok, utilize the platform’s e-commerce features, such as TikTok Shop, to integrate your product catalog and enable in-app purchases. Pay close attention to your mobile site’s load time and user experience, as any minor technical issues can lead to losing the consumer’s patience and potential sales. Brands will want to ensure that the transition from social media to their website is smooth, with a mobile-optimized landing page that reflects the same messaging and visual elements from your social media campaign.

The way consumers shop online is constantly changing and it’s important for brands to be well-versed in this industry in order to reach their targeted audiences and be successful in annual shopping events. With market research, content customization and leveraging social media channels, brands will be on the right path forward to connecting with consumers in a strategic and informative way.

Liam Gerada is CEO and co-founder of Krepling, an e-commerce channel management platform. 

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