“3 Ways to EVOLVE Your Social Media Webinar Replay” plus invitation for “3-Day Social Media Confusion To Confidence Challenge”, “Reels Means Deals Replay” & more by Crystal Vilkaitis of Crystal Media (BRA Supporting Vendor Partner)

“3 Ways to EVOLVE Your Social Media Webinar Replay” plus invitation for “3-Day Social Media Confusion To Confidence Challenge”, “Reels Means Deals Replay” & more by Crystal Vilkaitis of Crystal Media (BRA Supporting Vendor Partner)

Marketing is constantly evolving. If you are not keeping up, you’re falling behind. But real change doesn’t happen overnight.

Last week, Crystal Media CEO and social media expert, Crystal Vilkaitis, presented an outstanding webinar called “3 Ways to Evolve Your Social Media”. She walks viewers through ways to stay relevant and visible, but also what it takes to create new habits around your social media. Crystal covers the following in this relevant and helpful webinar:

1) The Daily 5 – a method to easily get social media done every single day, and keep you committed to it!

2) The #1 social media tactic working in 2023 for finding new customers.

3) The TikTok economy – understanding it and leveraging it.

4) The importance of content pillars and how to create your own.

5) Some of the best new platform features for increasing engagement and shaking things up in your content!

6) Insight into the power of old-world marketing tactics.

Sounds awesome, right? If you missed the live webinar or would like to view it again, you can view it below.

Push play to view this relevant & helpful webinar replay now

3-Day Challenge Logo filled

3-Day Challenge: From Social Media Confusion To Confidence

What You’ll Learn

Join Crystal for 3 powerful, 30-minute, BRAND NEW trainings, fill out the worksheet, and break through the social media stagnancy and resistance all retailers experience—all while saving tons of time, energy, and brain power on content creation.

Training #1

It’s all about mindset. We’ll discuss how burnout and overwhelm—things that all retailers experience at some point—become resistance to evolving yourself and your business. Who has time for that?! Let’s have some real talk about this and get in front of what’s holding you back. 

  • #1 thing that holds retailers back: Resistance 
  • What’s necessary for having your breakthrough 
  • Tips for overcoming resistance
Training #2

Social media can be easy (and fun!). We make it harder than it has to be. Learn how my simple Daily 5 system breaks down the 5 steps to getting social media done—and done well—in 5 MINUTES. 

  • 3 common mistakes retailers make with social media
  • How to post every. single. day. on social media in 5 minutes or less
  • Evolve your content for more engagement, reach, and relevance
Training #3

How do we actually make change happen? It doesn’t happen overnight. Let’s talk about the easy things you can do each day to adapt your current struggles into more effective, efficient, and long-lasting routines. 

  • The importance of evolving for the success of your business
  • How to feel confident in your social media
  • How to make sure that change sticks

Click on the following link to accept the challenge:

Bonus: Rooted in Retail Podcast (Episode One & Two)

What’s Inside: —Welcome to Rooted in Retail, a podcast for retailers. —Why do retailers often show resistance toward social media? —How to make social media simple. —3 big mistakes retailers make in social media. —Solutions, tips, and resources for creating repeatable success through socials. Mentioned In This Episode:

—Download the FREE intake form today!:

—The Crystal Media 5-Step Process For Painless Posting:

—Register for EVOLVE 2023 and use code podcast to save $400:

—Crystal Media:

—Crystal Media on Instagram:

What’s Inside:

—The future of marketing.

—How to stay human in a high-tech world.

—Why is community so important for a company?

—How to cut through the clutter and reach your customer.

—Changing how you view your customer; from customer to advocate.

—Sneak Peak Alert: Keynote Speech, The Most Human Company Wins! Mentioned In This Episode:

—Mark Schaefer:

—Belonging to the Brand Book – Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}:

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As always, we at BRA continue to bring you Supporting Vendor Partners that are here to save you time and money.  Crystal Media is one of them.  Take a look and decide for yourself whether this will work for you and your company,  Please give us feedback at  with your opinions.  

As mentioned above, Crystal Media has been devoted to helping retailers—just like you—grow through social media. Their team has worked with thousands of companies in the retail industry to help them generate millions of dollars in additional revenue by deploying successful social media campaigns, providing consulting services, and managing digital marketing on their behalf. They’ve also taught thousands of retailers how to implement social media that delivers powerful results.

What makes Crystal Media special is their unmatched expertise of retail and social media which allows them to produce what their clients care about most—results.

Their passionate, approachable team of experts that, as a client, becomes an extension of your team—encouraging and supporting you no matter what your comfort level is with social media. They live their happy-to-help motto everyday, and are grateful to play a small role in helping independent businesses make a positive impact in their local communities. 

Check out these Crystal Media services to see what’s right for you and your business.
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➤ Insider: The social media membership every retailer needs. Get comprehensive, on-demand training, transformative virtual and in-person events, social media support & community, and so much more!

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➤ Get Listed: Improve your local SEO and show up more in voice, mobile, and online searches. Stand out in 60+ listings sites, ensure listings accuracy, and avoid creating a bad experience with incorrect store information. We’ll do it for you.

Not sure what’s right for you? Schedule a chat with Pauline to discuss your business needs and see how they can help. 💡 

Crystal Media is super pumped to show you how to succeed with social media and I hope to connect with them soon! 

Reels Mean Deals: The Power Of Short Form Content And How Retailers Are Cashing In specifically for BRA Retail Members.

BRA note: We are very pleased to mention that Crystal Media has joined BRA as a Supporting Vendor Partner and can help you with tremendously with your social media marketing. If you would like to be introduced directly to Crystal, Pauline or one of their remarkable Crystal Media team members via email, please send an email request to me at – Doug Works, BRA Executive Director

– Doug Works, Executive Director BRA

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