“4 Strategies to Find the Right Hire” by Doug Works (BRA Executive Director)

“4 Strategies to Find the Right Hire” by Doug Works (BRA Executive Director)

Hiring in retail is tricky. As a result, the good people behind Outdoor Industry Jobs are often asked about best practices for getting good candidates, and they wanted me to share the following 4 possible strategies to help find and hire top talent:

  1. Brag.  A lot.  Candidates like to picture their future job, and nothing helps them do that better than listing the great benefits of working at your company.  Whether it’s a dog-friendly environment, an espresso machine, or a 401K – make sure to feature benefits prominently in your job posting.
  2. Provide a path for career advancement.  The cheapest way to run a business is to retain good employees.  The best employees will want the ability to advance their career.  Creating and selling that opportunity is a great way to attract talent.
  3. Focus on fit.  People that like your store are more likely to stick around.  Even if it means paying a little more, we recommend prioritizing cultural fit to save time and money in the long run.
  4. Provide flexibility.  Time is the most valuable asset in the world.  Giving employees a sustainable lifestyle with scheduling flexibility will help boost your job posting without increasing the pay range.

Of course, they also recommend using to find your next hire.  Every posting goes out to their website, partner websites, email list, and social media channels – a network of more than 160,000 outdoor enthusiasts.  

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Doug Works, BRA Executive Director

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