“An in depth breakdown of the Nike SB Air Max Ishod” by David of Bluetile and Blair Alley via Transworld Skateboarding

“An in depth breakdown of the Nike SB Air Max Ishod” by David of Bluetile and Blair Alley via Transworld Skateboarding

Dave is the man and his shop in South Carolina, Bluetile, is one of the gems out there. He’s got a great Youtube series going where he gets into the nitty gritty of new shoes. Check his breakdown of the upcoming Nike SB Ishod 2, or as some are calling it the Wair Max.

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“Hey guys, thanks for checking this video out. In this video I compare a color way that hasn’t released to the color ways in this video. That color way does appear to be releasing in the future. So its not the initial launch color but will be arriving to shops soon. I am not sure that Bluetile will be carrying that iteration of the ishod but we will be carrying a blue version of that color blocking. Does that make sense? If I am not mistaken (Which I could be) the reddish orange iteration of the Ishod I show a pic of in this video will have a broader distribution than the Ishods we carry. So that one will possibly be seen in the mail chain skate shops where as the ones in this video are only available to more “Core” skate shops. This would explain why so many blogs are showing pics of the second iteration of the shoe as the “First look” version. Basically because when we as a core shop get the shoes its basically marketing via the shops and through core media outlets like thrasher and through nike team riders such as Ishod himself. Once the shoe is released to a broader audience so is the marketing. larger audience means larger marketing budget. This is true in running or any other sport. The new tech goes to specialty stores before it reaches the masses. SO!!! If you’re into trying new things and you want the newest tech… dont go to the mall. Go to your grass roots running store, your tennis shop or…… yup…. your locally owned skate shop.”

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