“Climate Solutions Advocacy: A Powerful Climate Action for Small Business Owners in Board Specialty Retail” by Laurel Eastman of Citizens Climate Lobby

“Climate Solutions Advocacy: A Powerful Climate Action for Small Business Owners in Board Specialty Retail” by Laurel Eastman of Citizens Climate Lobby

Did you know that as small business owners in the board specialty retail industry, we have a unique opportunity to be leaders in the fight against climate change? Running a small business is a serious amount of work, so I’ll jump right to the good news. The most impactful action your business can take is asking for systemic change from elected officials (climate solutions advocacy.) Being a climate advocate doesn’t take a lot of time. And the best policy solutions are incredibly business friendly. Curious? Let me explain…here we go! 

What climate advocacy is. 

Climate solutions advocacy is the act of speaking out and taking action to demand policy solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition our society to a clean energy future. The climate crisis is already having harmful effects on the outdoor industry, and we must act decisively to prevent the worst outcomes. As business owners, we have a responsibility to use our influence to push for solutions that not only benefit the environment, but also support a thriving economy.

How to do it.

One simple and effective way to get involved in climate solutions advocacy is by endorsing carbon pricing on the Citizens’ Climate Lobby website. Carbon pricing is a market-based solution that puts a price on carbon emissions, creating an economic incentive for companies to reduce their carbon footprint and transition to cleaner energy sources. 

Why is this helpful?

Endorsing carbon pricing sends a clear message to our elected officials that small business owners in the board sports retail industry support this solution and want to see it implemented. By taking this simple action, we can help to build a groundswell of support for carbon pricing and other climate solutions. As business owners, we have a unique platform to raise awareness about the urgent need for climate action and the importance of policy solutions like carbon pricing.

Who else has already endorsed?

Many large companies, athletes, and organizations in the outdoor recreation industry have already endorsed carbon pricing. Outdoor retailers are on the list, as are these notable examples: Burton, Jones Snowboards, Protect Our Winters, 24 ski resorts including Big Sky, Grand Targhee, Palisades Tahoe , the National Ski Areas Association, and so many more. These companies understand the urgent need for action on climate change and are using their influence for the transition to a clean energy future. 

Here’s the full list of endorsers: 

1. Endorsements | Outdoor Industry | Carbon Pricing & Carbon Cashback

Athletes are also encouraged to use their fame and achievement to send the message for action.

Pro Skier Angel Collinson Endorses Carbon Fee and Dividend

Olympic gold medalist Jessie Diggins endorses the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

We encourage all small business owners in the board sports retail industry to join us in endorsing carbon pricing. It’s a small but extremely powerful step we can take to ensure a sustainable future for our industry, our planet, and future generations. 

Let’s take action now to protect our planet and secure a bright future for ourselves and future generations. Here’s the link, it takes as little as 2 minutes and the impact is big! 

About CCL

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals to take meaningful action to address climate change. CCL works to build political will for a stable climate by educating the public and advocating for market-based solutions like carbon pricing, building electrification, healthy forests and permitting reform. The organization brings together concerned citizens from all walks of life to work together in a grassroots movement for climate action. CCL provides its 200,000 volunteer members with the tools, resources, and training needed to be effective advocates and leaders in the fight against climate change.

To join CCL as a volunteer with your local chapter check out 

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