“Create Your Own Trending Reels Audio on Instagram” by Maddie Goode via Crystal Media Blog post

“Create Your Own Trending Reels Audio on Instagram” by Maddie Goode via Crystal Media Blog post

Instagram Reels has become a popular platform for businesses, but many face challenges when it comes to using audio effectively. Currently, there are two types of audio available on Instagram: “Original Audio,” which refers to audio uploaded from a video selected from a camera roll or filmed in-app, and “Music,” which consists of licensed music from bands or artists.

However, most business accounts are unable to access licensed music directly, which requires finding workarounds. In order to help businesses leverage audio on Instagram Reels, we want to share a method for creating your very own trending audio.

One popular approach for business accounts is to save and use “Original Audio” in their IG Reels. This means that the audio used in one Reel can be saved and utilized by other Instagram users, beyond the original uploader. Instagram allows and encourages this practice, and each uploaded audio, whether original or a song by an artist, has its own page. All the Instagram Reels that use the same audio can be found under that specific audio page.

Follow These Easy Steps To Create, Name, And Give Your Original Audio Its Best Chance At Going Viral.

Step 1. Film or upload your own video.

Step 2. (Optional) Edit your video. You can add in copy, GIFS, filters, etc.

Step 3. On the final editing screen before posting (the screen where you add in your
caption), find the “Rename Audio” button.

Step 4. Click on “Original Audio” and add in your audio name. Make it something

Step 5. Select “Done” and post your Reel.

Here are a few ideas to create audio that has a good chance at trending:

  1. Funny video clip: If you have a video of a team member, friend, child, or pet making a funny noise or telling a joke, it can be a great candidate for trending original audio.
  2. Background noise: Do you have a video clip with a calming or serene background noise? This can be an excellent choice for original audio since it can be used in the background of various videos. For instance, a video clip of the ocean with “ocean sounds” can be a soothing option. Other background noises like wind, bird songs, or even the sound of a skateboard rolling on concrete can work!
  3. Educational: If you’re sharing a product “How-To” video and providing audible instructions, encourage your audience to use your audio to follow along and create their own versions. This approach works well for Board retailers, showing how to stand up on a surfboard, grip a skateboard, etc.!
  4. Reaction: Reaction videos are highly popular on platforms like YouTube, Instagram Reels, and TikTok. You can create audio that includes sounds of shock, happiness, anger, or excitement that are difficult to contain.
  5. Song: If you have musical talent, consider including your own music or cover songs in an audio clip. This has the potential to be discovered and used by other accounts.

    Be sure to name your Instagram Reels Audio with easy-to-understand, searched-for words and terms. When naming your audio, consider the location you’re based in, the type of feeling the audio portrays, and any distinguishable words within the audio clip!

    The more people view your original audio’s page and use the audio, the higher the chances they’ll visit your Instagram page and follow along.
    Key Takeaways:
    ● Choose an original Reels audio name that suits the audio.
    ● Encourage people to use your audio in the caption of your Reel.
    ● The more people use your audio, the better chance you have at growing your account.

    If you have a video you love but aren’t attached to its audio, you can record new audio over the Reel using the Voiceover Tool.

Check out this training video to learn how to use the Instagram Voiceover Tool.

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