“Happy Holiday Shopping” by Andrew Mantis via The Robin Report

“Happy Holiday Shopping” by Andrew Mantis via The Robin Report

It’s no secret the holiday season is a key sales period for retail, travel, and many other industries, so much so that these sales can make or break a business, large or small. With high inflation and fears of consumers pulling back, there are a lot of unknowns this year.

To that end, Commerce Signals has produced a Holiday Spending Forecast to help companies with scenario planning. They do this through permissioned and anonymized view of consumer spending that includes both Visa and Mastercard, credit and debit for 40 million households.

In this report, Commerce Signals shares its predictions on:

  • Discretionary vs. non-discretionary spending
  • Black Friday spending in-store & online
  • Travel, Retail, Restaurant and more categories

Download this comprehensive report and learn more about these predictions, additional category forecasts, and the methodology. and listen to the podcast with Robin Lewis and Andy Mantis on what to expect this holiday spending season.


About Andrew Mantis

Andy Mantis is President of Commerce Signals, a TransUnion company, and a leading source of U.S. consumer payment insights and analytics. Andy has more than 25 years of experience successfully creating data strategies to enable brands, retailers, and financial institutions to understand their markets better and increase customer acquisition and loyalty.

About The Robin Report

The Robin Report provides insights and opinion on major topics in the retail apparel and related consumer product industries. It delivers provocative, unbiased analysis on retail, brands and consumer products, and covers industry-wide issues, trends and consumer behavior throughout the retail-related industries. TRR is delivered exclusively on Additionally, TRR produces executive briefings and industry events.

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