“Help Strengthen Our Water Sports Industry by Sharing this Universal Content” via WSIA Newsletter

“Help Strengthen Our Water Sports Industry by Sharing this Universal Content” via WSIA Newsletter
For years, the Water Sports Foundation (WSF) has been developing boating safety content in collaboration with the United States Coast Guard in order to touch on key safety issues and work to change boaters’ behavior on the water. This content is available for all who would like to share and promote through their various email and social channels. Educating your customers about boating leads to a safer boating experience and therefore a more profitable and successful industry.

Please consider sharing the following videos the best way you know how. Thank you for your support of the WSF, the WSIA, and the boating industry.
Shared Waterways Safety Video

A record-setting year for powerboat sales combined with a multiyear surge in the use and popularity of paddlecraft has resulted in more recreational boaters on the water than ever before. Sharing the waters is key to boating safety, and means we must not only be aware of other boaters, but express concern for other vessels as well. WATCH AND SHARE NOW >>

Proper boat handling is the most important body of knowledge a skipper can master. Your passengers depend on it.

Once you’ve realized that you’re about to be in an accident, there’s no time to buckle up in a car or put a life jacket on in a boat. 

The WSIA is the towed water sports industry’s leading advocate, known for preserving the vitality of our activities long into the future. As a group, we develop best practices, maintain waterway access rights, educate participants, promote safety and facilitate sustainable industry growth. Learn more about this outstanding organization here:

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