“How to Create One Connected System for your Retail Store” by RICS Software (BRA Supporting Vendor Partner)

“How to Create One Connected System for your Retail Store” by RICS Software (BRA Supporting Vendor Partner)

As businesses grow, the importance of system integration grows with it. Without it, you lose time and money. System integration is connecting software applications allowing them to talk to each other and act as one coordinated platform.

Top retailers have found ways to connect their store to their stockroom, ecommerce, and available inventory from the brands they sell, creating one system of record that does it all.

As you think of your retail business, how many different software or manual applications do you use?  Are they working together or working against you? Where are the opportunities to integrate your technology? Here are a few ideas on where to begin:

  • ECommerce – Connect your ecommerce platform to your POS. With ecommerce sales driving growth for most small businesses, it’s imperative your POS and ecommerce platform communicate to one another in real time.
  • Payments – Don’t let payment processing be a point of friction in your sales process. Establish an integrated payment processing feature to remove unnecessary fees, steps at check out, and save you time. Plus, customers get a simpler, better, and faster touchless checkout.
  • Ordering – Eliminate pains when placing orders by finding a solution that integrates with your supplier’s system to automatically add, edit, delete, or share product information. A real-time connection will ensure you are accurately seeing product data and availability.
  • Marketing – Use customer data to drive your marketing outreach by connecting your customer database to your marketing tools.  Create personalized email campaigns or manage your customer loyalty program knowing your customer data is accurate and always up to date.

Establishing the right integrations allows you to build one smart and connected system.

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