“Hubi’s Surf Atlas and Wiilder Adventures & Animals A-Z Book Review” plus Surf Expo giveaway by Doug Works (BRA Executive Director)

“Hubi’s Surf Atlas and Wiilder Adventures & Animals A-Z Book Review” plus Surf Expo giveaway by Doug Works (BRA Executive Director)

Over the Summer, I started noticing a few Instagram posts from a number of our Retail Members including Hansen Surf Shop in Encinitas about this interesting surf adventure book for kids called “Hubi’s Surf Atlas” as well as a few posts from Wiilder World referencing a couple of Surf Adventure books as well as a coloring book. I connected with the good people behind Wiilder World about the possibility of discussing a BRA Supporting Vendor or Event Partnership. They promptly sent me two sets of all three of their books including “Hubi’s Surf Atlas”, “Wiilder Adventures & Animals A-Z”, and “Wiilder Adventures & Animals A-Z Coloring Book”.

Shortly after receiving the books, our little family and my wife’s sister’s family took a long road trip from San Marcos, CA up to King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. As we embarked on this on this family adventure, I gave one set to my niece who is five months younger than my five and a half year old daughter who received the second set for the car ride up and to enjoy on the trip. My niece absolutely loved both the “Wiilder Adventures & Animals A-Z” book and coloring book. She told me that the characters were “cool” and the animal facts were “neat”. These books are the opposite of boring. She colored nearly every page of the coloring book over the course of the week long trip.

Here are some images of pages from the “Wiilder Adventures & Animals A-Z” book, which includes 26 epic poems & fun facts that correlate with the letters of the Alphabet:

Here are some images from the “Wiilder Adventures & Animals A-Z” coloring book that my daughter, Winona, colored:

My daughter also enjoyed both the “Wiilder Adventures & Animals A-Z” book and coloring book, but absolutely digs exploring the “sweet” content in Hubi’s Surf Atlas all the time. This excellent book has enabled her to ask important questions and learn about surfing, geography, animals, climate, and so much more. I am stoked that Winona asks me to read sections of Hubi’s Surf Atlas so frequently.

Here are some images from “Hubi’s Surf Atlas”, which contains remarkable illustrations, tons of cool facts, easy to follow maps, and eye-catching infographics from all seven continents as well as a relevant and helpful glossary.

My daughter and I really dig this remarkable collection of kid’s adventure books from Wiilder World including the super fun “Wiilder Adventures & Animals A-Z” book and coloring book as well as “Hubi’s Surf Atlas” because they have a really nice blend of education and awesome with vibrant characters, fascinating details and more. I highly recommend that all of surf and outdoor adventure specialty retail members curate these outstanding books into the product mix.

– Doug Works, Executive Director of Board Retailers Association

By the way, Wiilder World signed on as a BRA Supporting Event Partner for this most recent Surf Expo trade show and provided dozens of sets of their remarkable books including all three referenced above that we gave away to existing or new BRA Retail Members there.

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