“Is Your Business Prepared for the Unexpected? – take an inside look at how you can manage risk” by (BRA Supporting Vendor Partner) Outdoor Sports Insurance

“Is Your Business Prepared for the Unexpected? – take an inside look at how you can manage risk” by (BRA Supporting Vendor Partner) Outdoor Sports Insurance

Surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, skateboarding… Boardsports are inherently risky, but
that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop doing them. And for a business, it doesn’t mean the risk
can’t be managed.

Outdoor Sports Insurance is led by experts in managing such risk. We’re insurance agents, but
we’re also outdoor enthusiasts who are intimately familiar with the activities we cover. Outdoor
Sports Insurance has partnered with the Board Retailers Association to answer questions about
best practices, handle unforeseen risks and manage your exposure to 3rd party liability. To get
you started, here are a few topics we recommend as areas of focus for any retailer in the
outdoor sports space.

Rentals & Demos
Rentals and demos are undoubtedly one of the most important tools in your toolbelt when
allowing customers to experience new gear they’re interested in purchasing. Whether a
customer is spending $200 or $2,000, we understand the desire to “try before you buy.”
Product demos are one of the leading drivers of injury, and subsequent lawsuits against retailers
in the board retail space. From catching the board’s edge on the slopes to taking a SUP into
dangerous waters, a simple product demo can quickly turn into a litigation nightmare. This is
where Outdoor Sports Insurance comes in. In addition to providing you with insurance coverage
designed specifically to meet these unique exposures, we extend our service offerings to
include reviews and recommendations of your rental and demo processes, equip you with the
most current and comprehensive waivers and release of liability forms, and provide continued
education around latest trends and emerging hazards so that you are prepared when a
face-plant becomes a frivolous lawsuit.

Special Events and Clinics
Rentals and demos aren’t the only way to find new customers. Special events and clinics are a
perfect place to promote your business and attract novice consumers to expert buyers.
When running a special event or clinic, it’s a necessity to make sure your staff is trained
correctly. Outdoor Sports Insurance has partnered with Sparc Retail to create Outdoor Sports
University: an online interactive series of training modules designed to ensure store employees
are current with best practices protocol to further cultivate a focus on safety for your customer

Maybe you’re transporting boards from the warehouse to the shop. Maybe you’re bringing a
fleet of gear to one of the demos or special events mentioned above. Maybe an employee is just
running errands in a company vehicle. No matter where you’re going or what you’re moving,
accidents happen and it’s an absolute necessity your business is prepared to handle them when
they happen.

In addition to helping your business run smoothly with staff training, documentation, waivers and
forms, Outdoor Sports Insurance can make sure you have the right auto policies in place that
will respond in the event of damage or injury sustained in a crash.

Network Security
For years, Network Security Insurance (commonly referred to as Cyber Liability Coverage) was
widely regarded as a boutique coverage needed only by large corporations who store and
process large volumes of consumer credit card information. In the later part of the last decade,
however, this perception proved inaccurate when cyber-attacks on small to midsize businesses
increased nearly 600% and cost companies an average of $3.92 Million per event.
Gone are the days of headline-making credit card heists. 2020 marked the dawn of a new era in
cyber-criminal activity where cyber extortion targeting small businesses reigns supreme. The
good news is, Outdoor Sports Insurance has access to a wide array of insurance markets that
write cyber policies specifically for the small business owner. These policies are both
comprehensive in protection and breach response services, and affordable in premium.

About Outdoor Sports Insurance
Outdoor Sports Insurance ( is one of the longest-serving insurance
brokers in the outdoor markets, working with brands and retailers across the United States who
focus on boardsports.

With 34 years of market leadership, Outdoor Sports Insurance is at the forefront of emerging
issues facing retailers, brands and outdoor professionals, ranging from global challenges like
COVID-19 risk management and cybersecurity liability, to distinct market issues like best
practices for board demos, staff training and education.

You’re encouraged to reach out to a member of the Outdoor Sports Insurance team to learn
more about putting a policy into place for your business, or just to chat about what you can do to
improve your risk management.

BRA note: We are very pleased to announce that Outdoor Sports Insurance has joined Board Retailers Association as a BRA Supporting Vendor Partner. If you would like to be introduced via email to the solid people behind this outstanding resource, email me. – Doug Works, BRA Executive Director

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