“New Survey Results Show Core Retailers As More Optimistic” provided by Action Watch (BRA Supporting Vendor Partner)

Thanks to Action Watch for supporting BRA as a Supporting Vendor Partner and for providing the following intel directly to our organization.

The following survey results represent the status for independent surf and skate specialty retailers during the first week of May 2020.

All respondents participated anonymously, and the data has been aggregated to reflect:

• Emergency Funding
• Current Store Status
• Business Health

Thanks again to Action Watch for supporting BRA as Supporting Vendor Partner and for providing this intel directly to our organization.

As a reminder, BRA Distinguished Retail Members benefit from our relationship with Action Watch by receiving quarterly reports upon request.

The data in the reports are from the ActionWatch Retail Panel, which is made up of over 250 U.S. surf and skate retail stores.  These are made available to you as a benefit to BRA Distinguished Retail members so that you can compare your store against other similar stores (shop names and other confidential info is not shown).

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