“Nonprofit Awarding Over $50,000 in Scholarships to Skateboarders” by Haley Mast via Transworld Skateboarding

“Nonprofit Awarding Over $50,000 in Scholarships to Skateboarders” by Haley Mast via Transworld Skateboarding

Scholarships for skateboarders by skateboarders

A fresh 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called The College Skateboarding Education Association CSEF, is gearing up to give over $50,000 in scholarships to skateboarders, and their application just opened!

CSEF’s mission reads: “The College Skateboarding Educational Foundation (CSEF) awards college scholarships to skateboarders.

CSEF provides a brand new opportunity for skateboarders to build better futures for themselves. Regardless of financial assets or personal network, everyone deserves a chance at pursuing a college education. Skateboarders are no exception.

Through CSEF’s scholarship fund, skateboarders all over the country will be given essential assistance with completing their goals in school and in life”

Applications are open and must be submitted by June 5th, 2024. Although they are based in California, they award scholarships to students all over the country. You can visit CSEF’s website to start your apply!

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