“Nora” by Cole Nowicki via Simple Magic

“Nora” by Cole Nowicki via Simple Magic

Nora Vasconcellos’ Thrasher cover shot by Zander Taketomo. Screengrab of Zander Takemoto’s Thrasher cover photo from Zander Taketomo’s Instagram.

It’s a bit surprising that Nora Vasconcellos hadn’t graced the cover of Thrasher until its latest issue, but here we are now, and from the colours to the composition, it’s something special — which is saying something considering the run that “The Bible” has been on when it comes to fantastic covers this year. On top of that, this appears to be the first time that Thrasher has had more than one woman on the cover of its magazine in a calendar year, bringing the grand total up to two (so far!) in 2023 following Funa Nakayama’s wild first-try front crook down Hollywood High’s 16 for the January edition.

What a cool moment. One that makes me wish I’d taken a higher-quality screenshot of the Instagram post above, which is itself a screenshot of a photo of someone holding the Thrasher with Nora on its face. One thing at a time. What I did take a nicer photo of, however, are these cows at a distance.


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