“#PassTheHandle is this Sunday, July 18th!” via WSIA Newsletter

“#PassTheHandle is this Sunday, July 18th!” via WSIA Newsletter

The purpose of #PassTheHandle is to introduce new people to towed water sports. Participants leave feeling energized and eager to get back out on the water.

The #PassTheHandle project is a national awareness-driven initiative created by legendary wakeboarders Shaun Murray and Zane Schwenk. The concept is simple: Find a friend who has never tried towed water sports (or perhaps has been focused on only one discipline) and teach them something new. Take a wakeboarder out for a trick ski session. Have a wakesurfer try out a disc.

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Ideas for how you can share the stoke…

Community members, friends, friends-of-friends, neighbors, work friends, classmates and family could all be great participants for #PassTheHandle. Consider people in your local community, like the local Sheriff, law enforcement or fire fighters; people who work at your favorite coffee shop or store.

Get Support Get a friend or talk to your local boat dealership to see if they will help in the boat—Either driving the boat while you coach, or vice versa.

Life Jackets Adequate floatation and proper equipment is a must—The participant should be in a coast guard approved life jacket.

Show the World Take lots of photos and videos, and post them with the hashtag #PassTheHandle and tag @wsiahq

Coaching Tips: To not confuse participants, only one person should be coaching. The boat driver should follow the coach’s lead.

Know your participant—Not every participant is going to feel comfortable on any apparatus.

Let them get comfortable, start slow—give them an opportunity to get used to being behind the boat.

Be patient. It’s important to be as encouraging and supportive as possible—If they don’t get up, highlight what they did really well.

The allotted session time for each participant will be dependent on how many people you have in the group, but consider giving each participant at least 15-20 minutes out on the water at a time.

Consider multiple sessions so they can learn from others and try again. 

See you out on the water this Sunday!

#PassTheHandle Day is Sunday, July 18
Now in its eighth year, #PassTheHandle will continue to inspire first-timers to experience the thrill of towed water sports on July 18, 2021.
If you have the ability, we strongly encourage you to get out on the water and introduce someone new to towed water sports activities and the amazing lifestyle that comes with them. Here is a great example: Stella Schwenk Teaches You How To Wakeboard
If you can’t hit the water this weekend, please post any photo from your archives and tag #PassTheHandle in order to spread the word about this initiative and encourage others to share the love of water sports all year long.

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