“Some ways to boost holiday sales (AND MARGINS)!” by Dave Seehafer of Global Wave Ventures (BRA Supporting Vendor Partner)

Some ways to boost holiday sales (AND MARGINS)!


  • Importance of specialty store “experience”—think Apple, Nike, Starbucks!

–this is your time to shine—share passion & stoke, offer product insight

–give incredible customer service—i.e. free local delivery, board storage, gift wrapping

–do whatever is necessary to keep your customers loyal and coming back to YOUR store

–offer gift ideas/gift list to every customer as they walk in the door

–have some popular items gift-wrapped near the cash register

–offer holiday payment plans on big-ticket items

— have a holiday raffle for a slow-selling surfboard or snowboard

your cost $500.00 = sell 100 tickets at $5

great way to build customer database


  • Train employees on the subtle art of “up-selling”—do a quick training demonstration

–find out as much about the purchaser AND receiver of gift as possible

–merchandise the store so that “like” items are in the same area

–don’t assume that purchaser knows about surfing or boarding

–suggest related items once you know key purchase—i.e. leash with new board

–ask each customer “have you seen the new ….?” and point it out in the store


  • Put your high quality, high margin shop-logo products to good use

–use for gift-with-purchase or purchase-with-purchase specials

i.e. spend $100.00—get free shop sweatshirt or rashguard

i.e. spend $75.00—get shop t-shirt or hat for $5.00

–give a “free” item to loyal customers–be sure to track in terms of sales or marketing costs

–put shop stickers in every bag/give away with every purchase

–put a shop sticker on every new & used surfboard, snowboard, etc.


  • Maximize use of gift cards/gift certificate–20+% of all gift cards never get redeemed

–keep near cash register for easy “add-on” sale

–ensure that staff asks if customer needs any when ringing up other sales

–use info from gift certificates to build customer database

–put clearly-marked expiration date or “must use by….” on every card where permissible

–make sure that you know state and local rules/regulations regarding gift cards


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