“Surf Expo Learning Labs -powered by Retail X and #StandUp4Retail (complimentary live and on-demand webinars)”

“Surf Expo Learning Labs -powered by Retail X and #StandUp4Retail (complimentary live and on-demand webinars)”

This series of complimentary webinars led by experts is designed to help Retailers combat and navigate through the challenges that COVID-19 has posted, and find success despite the obstacles ahead. We have partnered with Outdoor Retailer, RetailX, ASD Market Week and NY NOW to provide this comprehensive series.

Upcoming Webinars:

The Future of CBD Retail and Other Cannabinoids

Tuesday, June 23 | 11 AM PT | Register >

CBD is one of hundreds of cannabinoids found in hemp and each cannabinoid has their own unique qualities. As quickly as CBD exploded, other cannabinoids are expected to be extracted and developed into new products with similar retail potential.

From broad spectrum to isolates, join this webinar to learn about: – The latest cannabinoids and their potential
– Which cannabinoids are most likely to grow as popular as CBD
–  And how retailers can expect the hemp-derived product industry to grow and change.

Pivoting During a Pandemic: Aligning Ecommerce Marketing Functionality with Profitability

Thu, Jun 25, 2020 12:00 PM EDT | Register >

Over the past three months, ecommerce marketers have been faced with unprecedented challenges. While historically low CPMs may have led to lower CPAs, AOVs also have fallen, fewer companies are placing large trade orders and foot traffic, for the most part, has not been walking into showrooms. (In non-marketing-geek terms, that means it’s cheaper than ever to advertise online and capture new visitors to your site, but your conversion rates are falling.) How do companies navigate this new landscape with an eye toward profitability? What marketing levers can be turned off and on, and what items need to fall by the wayside during this downturn? Learn how Ian Leslie, CMO of DTC home furnishings retailer Industry West, recommends re-prioritizing your marketing strategy.

Ian Leslie – CMO, Industry West
Ian is the Chief Marketing Officer of Industry West, an ecommerce furniture with a showroom in NYC’s SoHo. With more than 10 years of experience in integrated marketing communications, he has built highly effective campaigns within both the retail and higher education verticals. Ian’s focus is on creating data-driven campaigns across multiple channels that empower people to evangelize on a brand’s behalf, while allowing the brand to measure campaign effectiveness on a cost-per-acquisition basis.

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