“Surf Expo Offers Launch Pad for Summer 2024 and Beyond” by Kari Hamanaka via Shop Eat Surf & Surf Expo

“Surf Expo Offers Launch Pad for Summer 2024 and Beyond” by Kari Hamanaka via Shop Eat Surf & Surf Expo

Top Row (left to right): Rhythm men’s and women’s boardshorts; Former hoodie; Hurley Moore Aloha collaboration; Rusty’s RED collection. Bottom Row (left to right): Roark Bless Up dress; Lotus & Luna Master Healer jewelry; Rip Curl Flashbomb Fusion wetsuit. Photos by SES.

Last week’s Surf Expo September edition offered brands the chance to test retailer appetite for newness.

The timing was just right, about a week after the official close of the Boardriders portfolio’s sale to Authentic Brands Group as many buyers continued a quest to diversify their store floors.

What follows are just some of the launches SES saw at Surf Expo that reflect business and brand growth, whether that be evolution of new lines or product innovation as brands respond to the always changing consumer landscape.

Here’s a glimpse of some of what SES came across on last week’s trade show floor.

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