“Surf Shop Day is now being handled by the awesome people behind SIMA plus link to social media assets to use for SSD on May 21st” via Surf Industry Member Association blog

“Surf Shop Day is now being handled by the awesome people behind SIMA plus link to social media assets to use for SSD on May 21st” via Surf Industry Member Association blog

Let’s celebrate!

A surf shop’s value according to Shaun Tomson, world champion surfer, environmentalist, and author:

“Surf shops supply what surfers truly need – not what they want, but what they truly need – a great board, a wetsuit, some surf shorts, wax, and a few accessories. Products designed around that existential experience of paddling out towards that open horizon, waiting, and watching, and then swinging around, catching that wave, and getting stoked. Everything else is detail around this core. The entire surfing industry, and every dollar ever paid, is essentially to satisfy that need of being stoked.”

Surf Shop Day is the day to celebrate the independent retailers that helped build and continue to maintain the surf industry. These surf shops are where so many of us found our surf stoke – the euphoric smell of surf wax, neoprene wetsuits, and resin curing from a fresh batch of surfboards.

Surf Shop Day will celebrate the heart and soul of our business and what it means to our industry and its growth, from the hardworking owners to the enthusiastic sales staff, to the relentless sales reps who keep the machine of stoke going for customers.

Let’s shine a light on surf shops in all communities, recognize those who have been there from the early days and throw sunlight on the new ones bringing fresh ideas and enthusiasm to make the in-person, brick-and-mortar experience more exciting.

Retailers and brands are encouraged to find their own way of celebrating Surf Shop Day to bring positive attention to our culture, sport, and industry.

To help stoke the imagination, the Surf Industry Members Association has a few fun suggestions on what shops, brands, reps, and industry members can do on this day of commemorating the heart and soul of the surf industry.

WHEN: Saturday, May 21, 2022

WHERE: All independent surf shops and surf brands across the United States and around the world are invited to join in this campaign and celebration.

WHY: Surf Shop Day will be a great tool to drive customers into surf shops across the country, creating awareness for the shops and products, and generate sales right before the busy summer months. A rising tide floats all surfboards.


Surf Shop Day is organized by the Surf Industry Members Association. Whether you’re a surf shop, surf brand, rep, pro surfer, or consumer, SIMA has some suggestions on what you can do to participate on Surf Shop Day:


Move shop branded products to the front and center of the store to highlight and market your property

Release a new surf shop t-shirt for the Summer

Invite a local musician to play in the story

Hold a pro surfer appearance / signing / Instagram selfie session

Partner with brands on co-branded products

Encourage reps to visit and help on the sales floor

Offer promotions or giveaways for customers who visit the store that day

Promote heavily on social media to drive customers to the store that day

Host a surf video watch-party

Provide free coffee and bagels/donuts to first 50 customers in store that day

Have staff drop off flyer at the local beach parking lot that week, encouraging customers to come by store that day

Hold a surf contest at the local beach that day

Set up a shop-branded step and repeat for customers to take selfies in front of – offer giveaways to best social media post

Sign up to participate and get your Surf Shop Day Social Media Toolkit by clicking on the following link:

Upload logos and more by clicking on the following link:

 If you are not already a BRA Retail Member, you can easily opt in to either Regular (no cost) or Distinguished ($100/yr.) Membership via this super simple join form