“Ten Ways to Keep Your Wakeboarding Fun – A list of easy ways to keep your riding fresh from our friends at Slingshot” by Garrett Cortese via Wakeboarding Mag

“Ten Ways to Keep Your Wakeboarding Fun – A list of easy ways to keep your riding fresh from our friends at Slingshot” by Garrett Cortese via Wakeboarding Mag

Dylan Miller getting surfy with it and busting his fins loose over the wake. Simple tricks like this can add a ton of fun to your day-to-day riding. -Cortese

Wakeboarding is an awesome sport. Over the years it has continued to progress in mind-blowing ways. The fact that multiple variations of double flips are stock tricks for today’s pros is evidence of that. But with crazy progression can come intimidation (how many of us out there are ever really going to even think about trying a double flip while getting towed by our boat?). Sometimes in the rush of progression we lose sight of the simple things that keep wakeboarding fun. We teamed up with our friends at Slingshot and put together a list of ten ways to keep your wakeboarding simple and exciting behind the boat.

#1 – Powerslides
Powerslides are one of the most exhilarating ways to look and feel cool on the lake. And the bigger the spray the better. Not much beats cutting out onto a glassy stretch of water and laying an edge – it’s a timeless move that’s often overlooked. Add in some lily pads to make an even bigger impression. Fun fact: this maneuver ranks higher than most on the “gram-able” scale.

Ten Ways to Keep Your Wakeboarding Fun
Another gram-able moment for Dylan thanks to some lily pads and a powerslide. – Vollert

#2 – New Grabs
Don’t feel like working on the whirlybird again after last month’s attempt / TKO? We don’t either… Luckily there’s an endless amount of grab variations and ways to give simple tricks like straight airs, 180’s, or 360’s a whole new look and feel. Front hand tail grabs, back hand nose grabs, methods, reverse methods and more. They’re all different, and can be really fun. When you get one mastered, add it to other tricks you already know.

Ten Ways to Keep Your Wakeboarding Fun
A timeless (and always fun) indy stiffy. – Cortese

#3 – Tail Press
Like the powerslide, this often overlooked surface maneuver can be a ton of fun (and it’s one of the easiest to do) with a flexier board like the Nomad or Solo. Pull the fins off and sink back into the tail of the board while out in the flats to feel the flex working its magic beneath your feet. It’s like cruising a powder run in the snow – perfect for glassy days. When you really get the hag of it try dragging your back hand on the water’s surface for additional style points.

#4 – Use a Wrap Handle
Wrapped tricks can bring a whole new element of fun to your riding, and you don’t have to do crazy, technical tricks to use one. Eliminating the need to pass the handle smooths out your spins, gives you more opportunities to grab, and make for epic photos – just ask Dylan Miller, who’s been milking his wrapped 360 for years!

Ten Ways to Keep Your Wakeboarding Fun
Dylan Miller has been using a wrapped handle for years to bring a new dimension to his riding. – Cortese

#5 – Try a Long(er) Board
The term “long board” can mean different things to different people, but for this purpose we’re talking about adding 10 cm to your usual board length (or more) for a whole new feel on the water. You can slow your pace for a bit, spend more time appreciating the hang time rather than rushing through the air, and the landings are a breeze. Thanks to the Nomad (which goes up to a whopping 160 cm) and other boards in the Slingshot line, a whole new world of easy-going fun has been opened up on the water.

Ten Ways to Keep Your Wakeboarding Fun
Jeff McKee has been riding the Nomad for a few years and it’s made him rethink his riding. – Vollert

#6 – Attacking the Lip
Attacking the lip and sending a beautiful wall of water 15 feet into the air is one of the coolest feelings in wakeboarding. It’s like a peacock showing it’s feathers: immediate respect, and a higher likelihood to breed with a more exciting partner… Sorry, our mind is in the gutter… Anyways, this fanning wall of water flying through the sky is like combining the most beautiful moment of all watersports into one, and there are a variety of ways to do it: frontside carve, backside carve, lip slides, butter slides, etc. etc.

Ten Ways to Keep Your Wakeboarding Fun
Use the wake for some fun surface tricks, like Dylan Miller with this frontside lipslide. – Cortese

#7 – Ride Doubles
Riding with a friend can be a ton of fun. Take turns jumping the wakes, or even play a game of W-A-K-E and see who wins. Or just go for a simultaneous slash-the-wake sesh and carve back and forth while you grin from ear to ear.

#8 – Re-entry Tricks
The wake can be a ton of fun without needing a ton of air. Re-entry tricks are where you use the wake like a quarter pipe. Edge up from the bottom, pop off the top, and feel the power of the lip. Big airs, grabs, 180s, 270 to power slides, and even inverts are possible. Take it to new heights off a double up roller for even more fun.

Ten Ways to Keep Your Wakeboarding Fun
No big air? No problem. Re-entry tail grab courtesy of Dylan Miller. – Cortese

#9 – Try the Foil
Even the coolest of cool people are doing it, although some like to remain “hard” when it comes to being busted with a “funny fin” setup. Riding a foil board is a whole new feeling and challenge to master. Start slow with a long rope, and be ready for a whole new perspective on what’s possible behind your boat. There’s no better feeling than becoming the local expert on something new, and sharing the experience with all your crew!

Ten Ways to Keep Your Wakeboarding Fun
Even Dylan has fun when he’s on a foil… and yes, that’s him on the boat’s third wave, while Louis Floyd is way back on the fourth! – Vollert

#10 – The Tumble Turn
You want to talk about a great feeling? Try laying down on your back, lifting the board off the water, and skimming the surface on a glassy day as you slowly roll over and back to your feet. It’s like the ultimate watersports party trick. Everybody is entertained every single time, and you don’t have to go do a “Superman” to do it.

Ten Ways to Keep Your Wakeboarding Fun
Jeff McKee with proof that you don’t have even have to be on your board to keep your wakeboarding fun. – Bryan Soderlind

#11 – Wave Sharing
Yeah, we know we said “10 Ways,” but who’s counting? There are lots of ways to have fun, including sharing a wave! Sharing is caring, right?! Get out there on that endless wave with a friend and take turns tucking into the micro barrels, hang 5, surf around each other… Heck, two bros one board?? The possibilities are endless and the fact is proven: Party waves increase overall happiness.

Ten Ways to Keep Your Wakeboarding Fun
Endless waves can be endless fun… and a great way to mix up your behind-the-boat action! – Vollert

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