“Top 5 Must-Have Features for a New POS System” by RICS Software (BRA Supporting Vendor Partner)

“Top 5 Must-Have Features for a New POS System” by RICS Software (BRA Supporting Vendor Partner)

A point-of-sale system must do more than process transactions. Your retail technology should enable you to collect, organize, and analyze data; maximize relationships with customers and brands; and create efficiencies. If you are in the market for a new POS, make sure these 5 features are included in your solution.

Comprehensive Inventory Management and Reporting
Why have a POS if you’re still manually managing inventory? Figuring out what is on hand, what sold, and what you need to buy should be automated. You don’t have time for anything less.

Consider: Sales and inventory go hand-in-hand. Look for a solution that includes features such as model stocks, purchase order suggestions, markdown management, and configurable reporting options. Aim for a cloud-based POS to enable real-time visibility into store performance anytime, anywhere. A good POS keeps you focused on what you do best which is making sales.

Top 5 Must-Have Features for a New POS System
Integrated Payment Processing Customer Management Tools
Why continue using complicated gateways or working with credit card companies that hide fees or change your rates all the time? Additionally, customers now bring big expectations for an easy checkout. Don’t let payment processing be a point of friction in your sales process.

What drives your customers to your store/website? Do you know how to cross-sell? How are you maximizing follow-up opportunities? If you don’t have this information, you’re limiting your potential sales.

Consider: Using an integrated payment processing will remove unnecessary fees, steps at check out, and save you time. Plus, customers get a simpler, better, and faster touchless checkout.

Connectivity to Brands
Qualified and Quality Support
Do you work closely enough with your Brands? Placing, tracking, and receiving orders should be convenient and fast whether it’s a pre-season order or at-once opportunity. A focused sales team is a successful sales team. Do you enjoy support from people reading scripts? Hold times, unanswered questions, and explaining why the problem is urgent is frustrating. You need a POS that doesn’t create more work for your team.

Consider: You need to eliminate B2B pains and push products through the sales cycle faster. Look for a solution that offers e-ordering, drop ship, digital, mobile, and desk top selling. Keep your sales team in front of the customer,
not behind a computer.

Consider: Your questions need fast answers. Find a POS provider with a support team who has lived and breathed retail 24/7. A POS shouldn’t add complexity to your process. A qualified and quality support team ensures
this never happens.

Top 5 Must-Have Features for a New POS System
Whether you are considering a POS change or ready to make a change, make sure these 5 features are included. Investing in the right POS now will result in clear opportunities for immediate improvement.

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Tom Schrepferman
RICS Software

VP, Sales


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