“Top Questions We Get Asked As A Social Media Marketing Agency” by Steph Bechard of Crystal Media plus enter now to win a Social Media Content Strategy Power Hour Coaching Session (valued at $300)

The Crystal Media team is frequently on the road at business conferences, meets retailers at various events, and interacts with business owners on social media. As a result, we often come across a set of common questions from retailers. Today, we’d like to address those frequently asked questions for you. Here are the most common queries we receive along with their answers:

Question: What are the benefits of switching to a business account on social media?

Answer: If you’re using a social media channel to promote your business, it’s crucial to have a dedicated business account for it. Although a business account may limit access to licensed music, adhering to this guideline is necessary. The platform algorithms are intelligent enough to identify if your account is a business listed under a personal or creator account. Failure to comply can lead to your content or even your account being flagged for violating guidelines, resulting in potential restrictions or removal. Sacrificing these privileges just to include the latest Harry Styles song is not worth it. Instead, businesses have access to a wide range of trending original audio and music in the commercial sound library, providing ample options for engaging content.

Moreover, social media is saturated with content, and algorithms strive to connect your content with relevant audiences. By not operating as a business account, you’re hindering your business from reaching people who actively engage and make purchases through brands on social media. Help the algorithm help you by switching to a business account now!

Question: Can you recommend some retailers who excel on social media and provide great inspiration?

Answer: We often receive requests to share business accounts that consistently produce outstanding content and follow best practices on social media. Here are a few accounts that I personally find inspiring. Give them a follow to gain valuable ideas and tips:

  • @hobiesurfshop – Surf
  • @amorskateshop – Skate
  • @thinkempire – Snowboard and Skate

Question: How can I incorporate branding into my social media posts?

Answer: We often observe retailers featuring various fonts and colors on their social media channels. Ideally, you should stick to a couple of fonts and colors that align with your brand. A best practice in social media marketing is to include your branding elements in multiple posts per week. This can be achieved by sharing graphics that utilize your brand colors, incorporating your logo (such as storefront pictures), or occasionally adding a branded border around your posts.

We recommend using, a user-friendly platform that allows you to create customized graphics aligned with your brand. With the Canva Pro version, you can easily upload your own brand kit, including colors and fonts, and personalize any template to suit your social media marketing requirements.

Additionally, we recently shared a quick video tip on how to integrate your logo into your Instagram Stories to reinforce your brand identity.

Question: What are some effective strategies to grow my social media following?

Answer: When people ask us this question, they often have the expectation of rapidly increasing their following within a few weeks through social media marketing. However, it’s important to have realistic expectations and consider both your audience and the algorithm. Here are some best practices we recommend:

  1. Utilize new features: Take advantage of the latest features introduced by the platforms to stay relevant and engage with your audience.
  2. Post consistently: Regularly share content on your social media channels to maintain visibility and keep your audience engaged.
  3. Engage with others: Actively interact with posts from other accounts, respond to comments, and participate in conversations. This helps to build connections and attract attention to your own profile.
  4. Be active on the platforms you want to grow: Invest time and effort into the social media platforms that align with your target audience. By being present and engaged, you increase your chances of attracting followers.

Lastly, we want to emphasize the importance of providing quality content. Follow the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your posts offer genuine value to your audience, while the remaining 20% focus on promoting your products or services. This balanced approach ensures that your content resonates with your audience and encourages organic growth.

What I Want You To Take Away From This Blog:

  • Use a business account on Instagram and TikTok to reach the right audience for your business.
  • Include your branding in your social media posts weekly.
  • Use the 80/20 rule to create quality content to grow your audience.

Okay, over to you…

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