“Who is Strike Visuals and how can they help you to make your shop even more recognizable at events?” by Doug Works, BRA Executive Director

“Who is Strike Visuals and how can they help you to make your shop even more recognizable at events?” by Doug Works, BRA Executive Director

Strike Visuals is one of the newest BRA Supporting Vendor Partner and has been leading the industry with high-quality promotional event products for years. Founded by the Stewart brothers in search of finding the best solutions for outdoor inflatable race arches and supplies at a reasonable cost, the business was born. Strike has been providing thousands of brands, teams, and companies with custom event products to help them stand out during their events. Strike strives to continue gaining the trust of many when it comes to quality, price, design, and guaranteed products.

So why Strike Visuals? The answer is simple, if you want to get noticed during your events you will need custom products that represent your brand to its fullest potential. Strike Visuals has a wide variety of products including tents, table covers, flags, arches, and custom inflatable furniture.

Designed to withstand any elements that you may encounter, every product is backed by the first industry-only lifetime warranty. Whether it’s two weeks, two months, or two years, if any product becomes damaged, we will repair it free of charge!

What makes Strike Visual canopies different? Tents are an amazing option to help your brand get noticed during your next event. Most companies charge additional fees based on the number of sides printed and quantity of designs used. At Strike Visuals, all those fees are included in the price. No limit on how much you can print, what colors you can use, and how many sides you want to use. Strike tents are also built to last through any weather conditions. All canopies are weather sealed, flame retardant, and UV protection coated. The frames also come in a wide variety of options such as steel, aluminum and magnesium. Strike Visuals stands with their patent-pending magnesium frame, the only one available in the world! Magnesium frames are 30% lighter than aluminum frames and 50% lighter than steel frames, they will endure any weather conditions you may put them through.

Table covers are also a must during any event, both indoors and outdoors. They allow you to promote your brand through customization and quality. The possibilities are endless through the wide selections of options Strike has available ranging from fitted, to spandex stretch, all the way to water-resistant table covers. Strike Visuals also includes all design and printing in the price of our products without any limitations. Your brand will be able to stand out in style while getting all the recognition you deserve!

Flags are another core product to showcase at your next event. Strike Visuals has tested its flags to withstand high winds for your outdoor events. Made from high-quality fiberglass hardware, the tension, and flex of our flags will keep them looking sharp for years to come. The quality of our flag fabrics and printing is outstanding! Made with durable fabric to withstand rain, sunshine, and snow while still using vibrant colors to catch the attention of your crowd.

So what’s the catch? There is no catch when it comes to Strike Visuals, from product quality to customer service, Strike Visuals strives to make your experience one of a kind to help you stand out. We have years of experience with working alongside small local businesses all the way up to nationally recognized brands.  Strike wants you to succeed in your company’s growth and goals! 

Strike values their partnership with BRA members, this is why Strike Visuals offers a Board Retailers Association Member 15% product discount, to help you continue down the path of success!

BRA note: We are very pleased to mention that Strike Visuals has joined BRA as a Supporting Vendor Partner. If you would like to be introduced directly to Jordan via email, please send an email request to me at – Doug Works, BRA Executive Director

– Doug Works, Executive Director BRA

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