“Surf Shop Day Is Coming May 20th!” by SIMA via Shop Eat Surf

“Surf Shop Day Is Coming May 20th!” by SIMA via Shop Eat Surf

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“If surfing is religion, then surf shops are the temples of stoke.” Shaun Tomson

From the Jersey Shore to La Jolla, Cocoa Beach to Galveston, Nags Head to Honolulu, Virginia Beach to Santa Cruz, surf shops are a vital component in the surf industry, stoking surfers with gear they need to ride the waves. On May 20th, the Surf Industry Members Association would like to invite all brands, reps and board builders to thank these key retailers.

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“The surf shop was a clubhouse and salon as well as a factory-retail outlet. A hot local surfer or two could usually be found on premises, either making boards or working the counter; gremmies dutifully shuffled in after school or on weekends as much to be in the presence of greatness as to check out the new merchandise.”
Matt Warshaw, Encyclopedia of Surfing

L8 Night with Choccy podcasts have interviewed some of the best retailers in the business! Give them a listen to hear the stories of these specialty retailers.

Huntington Surf and Sport

Hobie Surf Shop

Jack’s Surf Shop

Sun Diego Boardshop

Val Surf 

Daydream Surf Shop

Cinnamon Rainbows

Almond Surfboards

Ocean Hut Surf Shop

Bare Wires Surf Shop

On The Beach Surf Shop

17th Street Surf Shop

Hi-Tech Surf Sports

Moondoggies Beach Club

Arbor Collective

Surf Ride Surf Shop

Hansen’s Surfboards

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