” The Inertia Wetsuit Guide 2020″ by staff via The Inertia

” The Inertia Wetsuit Guide 2020″ by staff via The Inertia
The Inertia

Editor’s Note: The 2020 Wetsuit Guide is powered by our featured partners.

The air is getting cold. So is the water. The difference between good and bad rubber is about to get real. It’s the difference between pain and comfort. The suits featured in The Inertia’s Wetsuit Guide 2020 are the best of the best – guaranteed to keep you in the water longer, more comfortably, to make the sometimes-unwelcoming task of winter surfing that much more palatable. Feel free to scroll through the selection of suits above, or, for your convenience, we’ve listed them out below as well. Keep warm this winter. Wear good rubber.

Patagonia wetsuit

The warranty “covers anything that appears to have failed under normal use, such as a blown seam, failed power seam seal or broken zipper. Warranty items are always repaired free of charge.” Photo: Amee Longpré

Patagonia Men’s R2 Yulex Front Zip Wetsuit

Patagonia’s Yulex® wetsuits have exclusive linings for increased stretch. The only Fair Trade Certified™ suits, they’re made with 85% Yulex® natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber by polymer content; natural rubber is FSC® certified by the Rainforest Alliance. The R2 gets the job done.

Best for water 55°–60° F/13°–16° C.

Read our review of the Patagonia  Men’s R4 Front-Zip Hooded Wetsuit.

Body Glove Wetsuit Hood

Body Glove Men’s Red Cell Front Zip Wetsuit

Body Glove’s top-of-the-line fullsuit features proprietary Red Cell infrared interior insulation, which converts your body heat into infrared waves that channels warmth back to your core. Ergonomic panel construction married with the stitch-free Micro-Bead exterior seam seal creates a true fit with minimal restriction to movement. Additionally, the Evo-Dry exterior jersey is hydrophobic to resist water absorption, minimizing weight, and keeping you even warmer. Also features Evo-Flex interior seam tape, second-generation Nano-Tritec knee panels, raw edge wrist and ankles, front and back integrated drain system, and a Glide-Skin interior neck seal (Smooth-Skin face ring on hooded versions). Smooth-skin left shoulder trim. Left shoulder cinch cord and lock. Separating #8 zippered chest entry. Front and back integrated drain system. Seamless underarm paneling. Symmetric, fully articulated leg paneling. Minimal seam design.

O'Neill Hyperfreak 4/3 Wetsuit

O’Neill Hyperfreak 4/3. Buy here.

O’Neill Hyperfreak Men’s 4/3 F.U.Z.E. Chest-Zip Full

The HyperFreak F.U.Z.E. (Chest Zip) is constructed with super light TechnoButter 3 and TB3X neoprene. The minimal seam design, lightweight, quality construction, and attention to detail make this another team-inspired favorite. Available in Men’s, Women’s, and Youth.

– F.U.Z.E. Closure
– Minimal Seam Design
– 360° Barrier with Drain Holes
– TB3X Fully Taped Seams
– Glued and Blind Stitched Seams
– Full Body/ Legs: TechnoButter 3
– Arms/ Shoulders: TechnoButter 3X
– PLUS (+) = 0.5mm Extra thickness for even more warmth
– Aqua Alpha Solvent Free Neoprene Lamination

Vans Surf Boot 2 HI V

Vans Surf Boot 2 HI V Buy here.

Vans Surf Boot Hi V 5MM

Vans Surf Boot 2 Hi V 5mm, the latest performance-driven innovation enabling surfers to stay warm chasing winter swells without sacrificing board feel and grip.

Everything Vans knows about skateboarding has been instilled in the Surf Boot 2 Hi V 5mm, elevating Vans’ commitment to high-performance technology while addressing the wild and creative needs of our renowned surf team. A crucial companion for cold-water climates with 5mm neoprene, the Surf Boot features a gusseted collar that seals on the calf to improve fit, employing rubber coatings that block water seepage.

RB1 Accelerator Buell Wetsuit. Buy here.

Buell Wetsuits RB1 Accelerator

The new RB1 offers a comfy fit, stretch in all the right places without giving up the warmth that Buell Wetsuits are known for. This suit doubles down on flexibility. With its masterful blend of pliable “Ninja Neoprene” coupled with ergonomic, perfectly placed panels, chest entry, triple glued, blind stitched power-lite seam seal, the RB1 is your go-to wetsuit that keeps the session rolling.

Buell Wetsuits RB2 Hooded 4/3

With the Buell RB2 Hooded full suit, you’ll brave the coldest mornings without flinching or getting an ice cream headache for that matter. The RB2 boasts a watertight neck seal, thanks to our easy to use slant-zip entry system, keeping you dry and toasty when the water temps dip.

Buell Wetsuits RBZ Stealth Mode

Long before there were chest and no zips, there were back zips. The RBZ Stealth Mode is our easy in, easy out back zip. This affordable suit gives you that bang for your buck, without sacrificing the techy, cutting edge features that Buell suits are renowned for. The RBZ Stealth Mode wards off water and protects the zipper with an inner water barrier that keeps the cold out—the perfect suit for surfers of all levels. Also offered in a 4.3 version.


Buell Wetsuits RB3 Attack Mode

The RB3 Attack Mode is our token “zipperless” wetty. Unbridled flexibility, the RB3 combines fit and function utilizing Buell’s signature Ninja Neoprene and “Soft Seal” interior seam-tape. The neck, wrists, and ankles feature our “Snake Seal” smooth seal.

Billabong Furnace Wetsuit

Billabong Furnace Comp Chest Zip 3/2

Boost your heat and your performance with the ultra-lightweight Furnace Comp wetsuit. Delivering on sustainability without sacrifice, Billabong’s coldwater competition performance wetsuit is now made with innovative eco-materials. Geared for competition, the coldwater fullsuit is lined at the front and back panels with incredibly lightweight and heat-conductive Graphene-infused yarns, now made from 100% recycled fibers.

Manera Meteor Magma 5/4/3

The Meteor Magma is made for cold and windy winter days. Its Magma+ fleece acts both as an insulator and heat generator. It also dries 30% faster than a classic fleece.

It is your weapon of choice against the winter.

Manera Meteor X10D Steamer 4/3

The Meteor X10D is the ultimate performance wetsuit. In addition to excellent thermal protection, the X10D fleece interior gives flexibility and lightness while providing great comfort.

If you are looking for lightness and freedom of movement, this is the wetsuit you need.

Manera Seafarer Steamer 4/3

The SEAFARER brings us back to the essentials of what makes a good wetsuit, nothing more, nothing less: warmth, comfort, durability. It’s a no-bullshit wetsuit with Manera’s renowned fit and construction.

If you are looking for a high-performance wetsuit at an affordable price, this is the right choice.

Manera Seafarer Steamer 4/3 Women

The go-to wetsuit: Reliable from mid-season to early winter, the SEAFARER 4.3mm is probably the wetsuit you’ll use most often all year round.

The SEAFARER brings us back to the essentials of what makes a good wetsuit, nothing more, nothing less: warmth, comfort, durability. It’s a no-bullshit wetsuit with Manera’s renowned fit and construction.

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