“Unlocking Inbound Shipping Success: 5 Must-Have Resources to Overcome Your Challenges” by Leah Palnick via PartnerShip plus expanded BRA Shipping Program Benefit for DRMs

“Unlocking Inbound Shipping Success: 5 Must-Have Resources to Overcome Your Challenges” by Leah Palnick via PartnerShip plus expanded BRA Shipping Program Benefit for DRMs

When you think about how to optimize your shipping operations, the freight you receive from vendors might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, you have more control over your inbound shipping than you may realize, and when you have the right resources it can actually be easy to master. We’ve rounded up some of our top resources that will help you manage your inbound shipments.

  1. Understand the difference between “prepaid” and “collect”. Inbound management 101 starts with looking at how you’re paying for your freight. A common misconception is thinking that you’re not paying for your inbound shipping when you’re not paying for it. This video will help you gain a good understanding of prepaid and collect, and how you can make a switch that will help you save in the long run.
  2. Learn how to properly accept freight and handle claims. You probably already know that sometimes the freight you receive can arrive damaged. It’s obviously never ideal, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a total disaster. Having the proper procedures in place with your warehouse staff is the key to getting claims approved and paid out when the unthinkable happens. Find out the best steps to take with this helpful white paper.
  3. Learn how to create and use routing instructions. Creating routing instructions for your vendors is a great way to ensure your inbound freight gets shipped at the best price and in the most efficient way for your business operations. Getting started is the hardest part, but we have you covered. With this blog post we show you some examples, explain how to create your routings, and give guidance on how to communicate them to your vendors.
  4. Achieve vendor compliance. You’ve perfected your routing instructions and you know exactly how to cut your costs. The only thing that’s missing? Getting your vendors to follow your lead. This blog post gives you a few pro tips to get those relationships on track.
  5. Follow the 4 steps to gain control of your inbound shipping. When you’re ready to take a full look at your inbound shipping operations, you’ll want to check out this all-encompassing white paper. It’ll guide you through the four important steps you’ll need to take to cut your costs and help everything run smoothly. Find out exactly what you need to do and get tips for executing them.

Figuring out how to effectively manage your inbound shipping doesn’t have to be intimidating. These resources can point you in the right direction, but you don’t have to do everything by yourself. PartnerShip is here to help you implement these important strategies and save you time in the process. We can set you up with discounted pricing, create your routing instructions, and help ensure vendor compliance.

Managing your shipping costs involves more than just your outbound orders to customers. Inbound freight, or the shipments you receive from vendors, is a huge area of untapped opportunity for many retail businesses. Our trusted shipping provider, PartnerShip®, has compiled a list of their top resources with valuable tips and tricks to help you manage your inbound vendor shipments more effectively and even reduce costs. With insight from their experts, you can make informed decisions and achieve greater savings on inbound freight. – Doug Works, BRA Executive Director

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